Life on the Vine is a church –  a people gathered together around the person and work of Jesus Christ.

What you might notice from visiting Life on the Vine on a Sunday morning:

A Warm Liturgy.   “Liturgy” refers to the public service offered to God in worship.  We offer ourselves in being silent, passing peace, hearing Scripture, praying, singing, and breaking bread.  The liturgy leads us out of spectating and into participating in God’s work.  We embrace the rhythms and liturgies of 2,000 years of Christianity without being mechanical and cold.

In the Round.  We sit “in the round” with the Lord’s Table in the center of our sanctuary.  Space and seating shape us.  Seeing other faces around the room reminds us that we are not a collection of individuals but a body.  By putting the Lord’s Table “up front,” we resist the dynamic of performers and spectators.  We are worshippers and guests at a glorious feast.

Meals.  We think eating together is important.  It begins with the Lord’s Table.  This is the meal we come to each week.  The Lord is the host and from the Table we receive God’s gifts for reconciliation, forgiveness, and new life.  This meal makes all other meals sacred – extensions of that meal.  When we potluck every second Sunday or in homes during the week or at cookouts during the summer – whenever we break bread together – we open ourselves up to God’s work in us and among us.

Who’s the Pastor(s)?  There are many different people who lead us into worship on Sunday morning.  We have four co-pastors who are bi-vocational and many in our community who lead us in preaching and worship… so it may not be obvious who the pastors are right away.  We believe that Christ has gifted the whole body and when these gifts are offered in humility, dependence, and service – Christ leads and directs us as the head of the body.  For a better sense of who does what – go here.

That’s Cool.  But sometimes ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ can turn our focus inward, right?  We believe worship forms us to live in Christ with one another for God’s mission in the world.  What happens on Sunday mornings can’t be contained – it bleeds out into the edges of our lives, relationships, neighborhood, and world with the transforming presence of Christ.