In 2001, David and Rae Ann Fitch were called from the city of Chicago to the northwest suburbs to plant a church with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  A small band of people formed seeking refuge from a culture of growing consumption and isolation that was even finding its way into many churches.

The name Life on the Vine came from a book written by Phillip Kenneson.   Drawn from images in Mt. 7 (“You will know them by their fruit”) and John 17 (“I am the true vine and you are the branches”), Life on the Vine seeks to be an organic community abiding in Christ and bearing the Spirit’s fruit in the world.  This fruit would be distinctive and compelling from the fruits of our consumer driven world.

There have been many stories of wonder along the way.  Our Sunday morning gathering developed into a place of encounter with God, his life in Christ, and what he is doing in the world.  We are dispersed in pockets throughout the northwest suburbs but in each place we seek to bear fruit – proclaiming the reality of God’s Kingdom and giving concrete expression to the gospel in local neighborhoods.


Thank you, Lord –

We remember your provision, protection, and guidance in the past.

We submit to your reign over us today – that your Kingdom might bear fruit in and among us.

We place our hope in your future of which we have received a foretaste.