Looking for Places to Serve?

We don’t exist and gather just to keep the gears of church life turning.  The primary work that we are called to do is worship – something we all do together.  As an extension of our worship, we offer ourselves to God and others in ministries of service.  Life on the Vine lives in the tension between not wanting to overcommit members to the operations of community life so that we have little time to offer to others and calling forth each person’s passions and gifts that will strengthen and support the rest of the body.  We hope that this community is a place where we can discover and test those passions and gifts in community.  If your passion is not on here, the rest of the body needs to hear from you!

Weekly Sunday Gatherings Needs – Join a team of people to serve once every 4-6 weeks in the following ways:

Coffee Service: Before every Sunday worship gathering, a team of people brew fresh coffee and set out mugs to create a more inviting climate in the foyer. Following the service, these same folks collect & wash mugs and clean up the coffee area. To find out more or begin helping out, contact Mark.

Counting the Offering: (limited to members) Contact Dina.

Sound: To keep everything balanced and sounding decent, contact Brian or Geoff.

Clean Up: Following every worship gathering, we need to clean up after ourselves by doing simple things like taking out the trash and returning utility settings to their usual places. Contact Ty.

Setting the Altar: Contact Brian.

Preparing Communion Elements: Contact Dawne.

Ushering: Contact Dustin.

Monthly / Occasional Needs:

Community Meals: Once a month, we continue our fellowship around the table following our worship service. People are needed to help mobilize others to set up food serving tables, organize eating utensils, and clean everything up when we’re done.

League of Extraordinary Handy Folk: email Sheldon if you want to use your handy gifts to mend broken things in and around the LOV building.