In Scripture, the words ‘justice’ and ‘righteousness’ have the same root.  They are relational words about being in right relationship with God and with others.  Jesus Christ died and was raised to set everything wrong in the world.. right.  We can engage in issues of justice confident that God is already at work – reordering and reconciling all things.  The cross and resurrection is ground-zero for God’s justice being established over the whole earth.

Can Justice be Separated from Relationship?  

It cannot just be financial assistance or just advocating for societal structural change.  It must be done first as the work of God in his church through Jesus Christ from which we then display it to the world to ultimately invite them all – the victims and the victimizers to sit as one at the Table of the kingdom of God.

So let us begin to discern financial problems and justice issues in the local body – in relationship and mutual accountability.

Let us make visible verbally and ritualistically that we receive everything we are and have from the work of God in Christ and we return it to him as well.  Since we are all one in Christ’s body, we are mutually committed to the needs of one another.

Let us learn to live justly in our everyday lives, not just relegating ‘justice’ to a program or event.

Let us believe that it is not a shame but an expectation that those of us who are in need will come forward to be ministered to.

Through the practice of the benevolence fund, let us give generously out of celebration for the gift of God in Christ.  Let us physically engage in justice one person at a time – forming a beachhead from which more and more justice can flow into the world from the church.

We have a long way to go as a church in living out Scripture’s call to care for the poor and to bless the weak.  But we are learning that when we are with people who are on the fringes, we are with Christ.