Excited to get a sister, by Rachel

  • July 10, 2014

Last year, I felt like something in my heart said I should go to China so we could adopt my little brother. That something in my heart was God. Now, I feel like I’m being called back to adopt a sister this time. I am definitely not looking forward to a long plane ride, but I am excited to get a sister.


When I visited Nathan’s orphanage in China, I met a lot of Nathan’s friends who weren’t living with a mommy or daddy. One of them had casts on both of his legs. He just laid there the whole time. I rubbed his tummy and gave him some toys. Bo and Chen were very funny boys. They were Nathan’s best friends in the orphanage. Bo died a few months ago, and I was very sad about that.


While we wait to find out who my sister will be, we will pray that God is watching over her and that she is doing fine. I hope her nannies love her as much as Nathan’s nannies loved him. Every day I pray that everyone in the world would have a mommy and a daddy to live with.


In the summer, I want to work in Seedlings so I can help with the little babies and my two favorites, Victoria and Henry.