Still Wondering, by Tim & Natalie

  • July 15, 2014

A few weeks ago, we talked with Cyd about sharing a story of wonder. What we planned to say then was quite different from what we’d like to say now. We’d like, however, to share both stories with you.


What we would have said: We would have told you that for the last several months, we had been wrestling through whether or not the Lord was calling us to adopt, or maybe to foster, and whether or not we were ready to let him lead us in that way. We would have told you that we’ve always thought we’d adopt, but probably after we started our family naturally. That Natalie’s background as a sister to foster and adopted siblings was tugging at our hearts. That the Lord has blessed us with a home in Waukegan, which is a community of many hurting children. That the families in this church played a role in this calling, whether or not they knew it. We would have told you that each of our triads helped us wrestle with the decision repeatedly. We planned to tell you that after a few meetings with a social worker and 9 weeks of classes, we received our foster care license on June 26.


We would have told you that the Lord was asking us to follow Him- to serve and love a child from our community. We were going to share with you our wonder at who that child would be, and what the Lord had in store for us all.


What we’d like to say now: Our story has changed a bit since we first talked with Cyd exactly 3 weeks ago. Only 6 days after our foster license arrived in the mail, we received a phone call. “There’s a baby. It needs a home today. A few weeks old. Will you take it?”


3 hours later, 3 week old Jakhi was dropped off at our front door by a social worker. We still haven’t met with someone who will tell us any details, and we probably wouldn’t be able to share many of those anyway, but that doesn’t change the need for this little baby to be loved.


In this story of wonder, we still wonder a lot. What have we gotten ourselves into? Will we ever sleep again? How long will we get to love baby Jack? Will we care for him a few years, only to have our hearts broken and be back to square one?


We’re not really sure what God is saying at this point, but we sense we have a lot to learn. We know we need to learn how to love Jakhi’s parents, because they’re not the true enemy. We hope that we’ll grow in our marriage, as we learn to serve this little one together. We know we’re already learning about the church’s call to serve its members- the meals and calls and offers of help have been far more than we imagined.


Today we’d like to introduce you to Jakhi. We’re calling him Jack for short. And we’d like to ask for your prayers. Please pray that the Lord would give us grace in this new phase of life. Pray that we’ll trust Him completely in this uncertain journey. And pray that we’ll be open to hearing His voice and responding faithfully.