The God who Hears and Rescues – Charlene Dow

  • May 12, 2015

I have been experiencing God’s presence and saving power through Jane, International Justice Mission

and Matt Redman.

Nathan and I had the opportunity to speak at the product launch of Little Lotus, a blanket designed by

the Embrace team, in San Francisco. Embrace was co-founded by Jane Chen and her fellow students at

the Stanford business school. For their capstone course, they designed an infant warmer which costs

$200 compared to an incubator’s $20,000 price tag. Many orphanages and hospitals in developing

countries do not have reliable electricity or the resources to obtain and maintain incubators. Many

preemies die as a result because they cannot maintain the necessary body temperature. The Embrace

warmer is a low-cost, easy-to-use alternative. Nathan was the first baby to use it in China. Embrace now

has a for-profit business where they will sell the Little Lotus blanket in the US, and $25 of each purchase

will go towards an Embrace infant warmer to be distributed in a developing country.

I have been corresponding with Jane via email since Nathan’s first birthday. I connected with her after

our adoption agency sent me a blog from Embrace’s website. It was a picture of the staff around a cake

celebrating Nathan’s first birthday. I told Jane that we were adopting Nathan and we would love for her

to see him again once we brought him home. I have a picture of Jane holding Nathan at his orphanage

when he was 7 months old.

Jane tells me that she thinks of Nathan nearly every day, and that he is often her motivation to keep

going in her efforts at Embrace. I was really looking forward to the time Nathan and I had over breakfast

with Jane after the event. I learned much about her. She practices Zen Buddhism and meditates

faithfully. I so desired for her to get a glimpse of God’s great love for her, and that all of her efforts are in

partnership with what God desires for the world. She had told me that Nathan saved her as much as she

had saved him. It is so clear to me that God is the only one who can save. I pray that this truth

permeates our friendship and that Jane will accept and embrace her Creator as our lives continue to


The day after coming home from San Francisco, I went to Washington DC to attend International Justice

Mission’s global prayer gathering. Gary Haugen’s opening remarks were all about how prayer matters.

He quoted Blaise Pascal who said “God instituted prayer in order to lend His creatures the dignity of

causality”. God could choose to rectify all the wrongs in this world, but instead He chooses to partner

with us, allows us to ask Him to guide us and equips us to take action. Prayer is central to IJM’s mission.

As they work around the world to free people from modern-day slavery, they are ever-aware that they

are partnering with God. Their success cannot be explained by human efforts. My favorite aspect of the

prayer gathering is that each of the 18 field office directors reminds us of their prayer requests from the

prior year, updates us on how God responded to those prayers, and then submits even bolder prayer

requests for the coming year.

A Matt Redman song was playing in the background in the last prayer room I visited. The lyrics are a

beautiful tying together of what God has shown me about rescue and prayer.

Who, oh Lord, could save themselves, their own soul could heal? – my heart yearns for Jane to

reach for her savior

Our shame was deeper than the sea, Your grace is deeper still

You alone can rescue, You alone can save

You alone can lift us from the grave

You came down to find us, led us out of death – IJM goes to the dark places to find those who

are hidden, vulnerable and without a voice

To You alone belongs the highest praise

We lift up our eyes, You’re the Giver of Life – We are all alive because of Him

I thank God for His hand on Jane’s life, IJM’s mission and Matt Redman’s worship ministry. I am grateful

that He came down to save me, and I want to be a light of His presence to others.