Why “go” to church?

Because of the inspiring music?  Impactful preaching?  Exciting children’s program?  If we go to church in hopes of getting something out of it, then we become consumers and church becomes a product.  Churches segment and market around personal taste and affinity.  Not very compelling, is it?

“Go” to church because it is the body of Christ.  Jesus is Lord over all things.  He is ruling over the whole world.  If we want Jesus to be our “head,”  we must be members of his body – the church.

“Go” to church to be in the presence of Jesus.  The Emmaus disciples said that Jesus had been made known to them in the breaking of the bread (Luke 24:35).  The life of Christ and his Kingdom become clearly evident when we communally gather around the Lord’s Table, practice reconciliation, proclaim the Gospel, love the “least of these,” affirm each others’ gifts, and prayerfully submit our lives and neighborhoods.

“Go” to church to be sent out.  When we encounter the presence of Christ, we are transformed into worshippers and witnesses.  From there we carry the presence of Christ out into our families, workplaces, and neighborhoods.

Here’s the thing though – the church is a people, not a place.  It’s something we belong to and participate in – like a family.  A close-knit family often has places (i.e. Grandma’s house) where they regularly gather, celebrate, remember and make new memories.  Even though the house becomes a special place, nobody confuses the house for the family.  Let us not confuse going to a building on Sunday morning with participating in the body of Christ and opening ourselves to God’s work in and among us.

At Life on the Vine we are a family committed to each other and to Jesus, the Head of our household. When we assemble for worship, his message is preached, his Spirit is present, and his people are restored, healed, and gradually conformed into his likeness. We invite you to participate and allow the Holy Spirit to form your life.