Life on the Vine is a Greenhouse of God’s Presence.

stories of wonder Amidst our hectic, consumerist suburbia,

we pause in silence,
we hear the ancient Scriptures,
we behold the beauty of the Lord,
we submit to the preached Word,
we encounter God's mysterious presence,
we respond to Him in praise and worship.

Jesus In a world fragmented by mistrust,

we gather as a community,
a committed family born of the Holy Spirit,
to journey together in God's salvation,
telling stories of wonder.

A Greenhouse

Many of us have experienced Life on the Vine as a sanctuary, a restful, quiet place, and a place of growth with warmth and nourishment. In the relationships with people and in the rhythms of liturgy, there is a thickness in the air: God's life-giving and healing presence among us.

The Greenhouse metaphor has helped give us a handle to our experience:
A place of shelter, and a place full of light.
A place of health and healing.
A place where celebrate difference as a gift.
A place of receiving and sending.
A place of learning and sharing with others.

Jesus is our Gardener who grows us and gifts us to bloom in gardens of resurrection all over the world.

Holy Week

Thursday, April 13 at 7pm
Maundy Thursday Foot-Washing Service

Friday, April 14 at 7:30pm
Good Friday Service of Shadows

Easter Sunday, April 16 at 8am
Service of Light, followed by Service of the Word and Easter Breakfast


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